The S-DEEDonostia documents

Venue: San Sebastian´s Kurssal Congress Centre 11-12 April 2013.





The project PRO EFP

logo-Pro-EFP97PROEFP has started in 2010 on the initiative of a number of organisations that led to the Information and Communication Project: Promoting Employee Financial Participation in the EU27, co-financed by the European Commission, ended in year 2011

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The project in the framework of UE key policies

Converging on the priority set in the Europe 2010.

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The Project and its partners's vision

The project aim is to investigate the role of social partners in planning and triggering local development in within the context of economic democracy.


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Objective are to implement measures and initiatives related to the adaptation of social dialogue to changes in employment and work and related challenges.

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Projects Partners

Partners have been selected to run different activities and to provide the largest expertise to be exploited in different stages of the project.